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Passing your driving test is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever do

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Tara is one of the local driving instructors in Andover, Hampshire. By taking your driving lessons with Tara's Driving School, you certainly get great value for your money and lots of help to pass your driving test.

Motorway Lessons

Learner drivers are allowed on motorways (June 2018), but not all driving schools in Andover will help you with motorway driving. The M3 and the M27 is close by so you could do lessons on motorways now.

Refresher Lessons

You may have passed your test some time ago but lost a bit of confidence. Why not have some refresher driving lessons in Andover with Tara's Driving School and get your confidence back again.

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I know that taking driving lessons in Andover is expensive and the cost can add up.
That’s why I try to keep my prices competitive with everyone else in Andover.



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Tara Regan

Driving Instructor, DVSA ADI

Hi, thanks for looking around my website. Obviously you’re probably here because you’re looking for driving lessons or maybe looking to book lessons for someone you know. If so, then I just want to let you know that I teach using the most up-to-date methods and techniques. My style of teaching revolves around what is called Client Centred Learning, or CCL for short.

The techniques I use to teach are based around methods that help you to learn quicker and become a safe and confident driver. Each lesson will be customised to suit you, this ensures that you’re not wasting your money and you reach the standard to pass your driving test much quicker.

Your local Driving Instructor in Andover

Tara’s Driving School


Here’s my latest testimonial from the brilliant Steph Griffiths who passed her test recently.
You can read more testimonials on my Facebook page here.

driving instructors andover

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Tara. She has tons of patience and is a great teacher. She is calm, patient and makes things really easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Tara’s Driving School in Andover to anyone who wants to take driving lessons in Andover.

Steph Griffiths

Wherewell, Andover

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You can either simply fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can, or you can call me or send me a text to my mobile. Alternatively, you can reach me on the email address below.

Call/Text: 07788 278383

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Useful Information

Thank you for looking through my website and I hope that there’s enough information to help you to decide to let me teach you how to drive in Andover and pass your driving test. The quality and standard of driving instructors in Andover and indeed across the country has certainly gone up over the years and because of this, I am loving my job more and more each day. But did you know that driving instructors have to abide by certain rules and regulations from a governing body. They are called the DVSA and they lay down certain guidelines that we have to abide to. Some of these guidelines can be found here, these are called The Code of Conduct. For driving instructors, signing the code of conduct is not compulsory but those who have signed the code are basically guaranteeing the public that we abide the rules set out to teach you. If you are ever dissatisfied about the services you receive from a driving instructor, then you can always contact the DVSA and they will then look into your case for you and try to rectify any problems you’ve encountered.

Just to help you to choose from a list of driving schools in Andover, you can also use the same DVSA website to find and locate a driving school. This service is called Find an Instructor and is free of charge and you can use this here. So, although the majority of driving instructors are self-employed, we still have to abide by a set of rules which are laid down by the authorities. So, I’m assuming that you know what the steps to take to get a full driving licence? Firstly, you must pass a theory and hazard perception test, and secondly, you must pass the practical driving test. You can only apply to take a practical driving test once you passed the theory and hazard perception test. Your driving test will last approximately 40 minutes. You’ll also get asked two Show Me Tell Me questions on your practical driving test. You can see a list of these here. You need to revise and know these questions, but don’t worry as this is something I can help you with. If you have any questions before you start learning to drive, then just simply contact me and I’ll help you as much as I possibly can.